About me

Disclaimer: Before you start reading this blog, know that I have forewarned you that I tend to make run-on sentences, am comma happy, and that I barely made it through my college lit classes (well not exactly barely..but you get my drift).


Hey guys! This is Candace Young again, and I am the writer for Knot + Nest Blog! Before I started this blog, I was a college student at Emmanuel College, patiently waiting as the months went by so that I could graduate and marry the man of my dreams! (see the pic with me and the grizzly… a hunk right!?) Now here I am in a smaller town, smaller than the small town I lived in before, with nothing to do but to find a job, burn all the tan and hunting decorations that is in the house (sorry Mike), watch mindless reruns of The Mindy Project and The New Girl, and now blog about it all!

I am here to give you all of my tips and tricks on everything wedding, home decor and organization, healthy and not so healthy recipes, inner and outer beauty, and life! The trick about these things is that they are done by you! I am going to show you: how you can spend no more than $5,000 on a wedding, how you can take a “side of the road trash” dresser and make it into an Ikea look-a-like treasure, how you can make a facial scrub from kitchen staples, and how you can make a marriage last through Christian doctrines. While it is easy and convenient to buy a wedding planner and home decorator to complete these details for you, I find that life is more meaningful and enjoyable when you put in a little elbow grease and time into what you want.

That’s enough talk for now, go grab a yellow chair and a cup of coffee and let’s have some fun!

Peace and Blessings,

Candace Young